the fish that they catch are the smaller chubs and algae eaters, and sometimes small goldfish. The whole thing about them needed light is a myth we lost more in the dark we only lose 1 out of every 30 or so. I’m could be feeding them to much to little or not enough. I have had my Beetles breeding for a very long time it seems. These nutrients contribute to the production of carbohydrates (compounds containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) - constituting up to 95% of the constituents of the dry matter of a plant - which are, vital for high levels of a crop production. Take the super worms out of the gut load to the extent possible (this may mean giving up on some of the babies initially) and freeze the gut load –I think this will kill the moths and eggs, but you should probably do some googling to be sure. I have not tried this system yet but I want to know how and why there are centimeter long “baby” superworms always at the bottom of the geckos water bowl. How long to the males live? I’ve been sharing my video of my babies with everyone I know and so far, nobody is excited but me. I put new in every few days to every week. This is an insecticide screening experiment under field condition. Then how often do I change out the beetles when laying eggs to grow the Larva or Super worms. Melissa, Sorry, I completely missed your question. While you are waiting for the fruit flies to beam in from their home planet Drosos, gather up some spider silk and start weaving a tiny net. Keep it as fine as possible as course substrates tend to mold easily or collect grain mites. My Pupae (super worm) are turning to beetles now how long before they start to lay eggs. I ended up tossing them all to my chickens and starting over. Most of them result to cannibalism for moisture if there is not enough present. The tackle boxes work better, consolatate better, an are more convenient. I thought it may be the temperature. It will take about 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch at temps in the mid to upper 70s. About every 2 to 4 weeks (depending on how many beetles you have in one container) remove the beetles from the bedding and place them in a fresh container as described above. Wazup guys, unfortunately we do not breed much insects in South Africa, probably because reptiles are found in people`s gardens and are a common occurence;) I have breed superworms for a year now and have experimented quite a bit. The study states that finding this fossil provides some missing clues about the property of bioluminescence among ancient glowing insects, specifically beetles. The super worms are Zophobas morio and the mealworms are Tenebrio molitor. That works as a food. The males have a clear window shaped like a trapezoid. In case anyone is interested in what other sales opportunities might be available for a mealworm breeder: #3–Science (used by researchers and school science departments); #4–Food (entomophagy/bug-eating is a growing interest, and we in the West are really the only culture that doesn’t regularly and extensively consume insects; just be careful of allergies, just like with shelfish); #5–beneficial insects (not so much with the mealworms and roaches, but as long as you’re already raising *these* insects…); #6–Preserved Specimens (for collectors and, again, Science). Forgot to add: When it comes to fruits/veggies, I start out with thin slices of potato/carrot/apple for the developing larvae after I moved the adults out–this calls for regular replacement but it also limits the possibility of fungal/bacterial invasion. I would assume you could, though I imagine a variety of grains would be more nutritious. I have noticed the development of a substantial amount of a whitish, soft, grainy substance on the carrots I give my super worms. In one corner I add a small piece of egg crate so the beetles have a place to gather. If you can please tell me several. The Pyrex dish is used occasionally with a mesh mealworm feeder to filter worms and debris from the tins. Do the supers have to have a lid on the separate containers to pupae. Aliza it could be possible that they’re eating the eggs. Now just looking at how to raise them up. Currently, the study is limited to nutrient absorption, for only a particular species and region. Is there a required specific size of the worm before I can separate it to isolation for breeding? There is no way to tell if a female has laid eggs or not. Is it best to just throw them in the trash? Check the cover and sides of the enclosure in a few days with a magnifying glass to see if there are any more and keep checking until it’s consistently clear. in the wild the beetles are severely territorial and kill all the other males i keep mine in my 100 gal snake terrarium where its a more natural setting its all self sustaining they build nests and produce on their own. The beetles will lay their eggs in the creases, the eggs will hatch and the baby worms will wiggle down into the bottom bin then. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! also I use my empty pill bottles for separation stage the small ones seem to work best as they morph quicker in a smaller set up is a 3 piece plastic bin set. I have limited experience breeding super worms but every time I kept the beetles in grain gutload they died pretty quickly. I have carrots, sliced of potatoes, and celery in their bin. Keep the super worms in a separate room with the door closed to minimize moth invasion. The article gives you great advice on getting started. I use containers that are 20x35cm. Male stag beetles use their huge mandibles to fight off rival males and impress potential mates. I don’t know why, I’ll have to look into better ways to do that. :C. Checking in on them should not cause any problems. If you mean what do you do with them if you end up with a beetle and you’re not breeding, I would say either dispose of it (garbage), feed it to something that will eat it, start breeding super worms, or now you have a pet! Once there exoskeleton hardens their activity will pick up. I bought my cups in the dollar store, something like 90 cups for $1.00. if i was to keep the superworm in a deep 3 drawer plastic orginizer can they get out. My frilled dragon loves them. The worms are quite mobile and will simply crawl around and through any small gaps. lol. They would carry more moisture than the potatoes or carrots…do you think that may be too much moisture? Isolating the full grown larvae encourages pupation, though. can they eat the beetles to???????????????????????????????????????? Females are dark in color and do not have horns (Fi… Keep the gut load you’re not using in moth-proof containers. They are alive and I keep plenty of food and moisture in their housing and are kept at temps ranging from 60’s to 70″ is there something I am doing wrong or is this common or should they be really active? There are likely more, but these are the ones I’ve come up with so far. I would use separate bins as described in the op. Can’t get much cheaper than that! A note of general caution: several of my dragons have died after eating wireworms, maybe they weren’t chewed and killed, and then fed on the dragons’ insides. otherwise, its all crickets, how often to put and take out carrots patatoes etc. Found a couple of the black beetles also…. The beetles typically start breeding right away and lay eggs within a few days or up to a week. Also, can you please give me an estimated length of the worm before i can isolate them for morphing? This is the start of the morphing process. At least the superworms are big enough to “rescue”. After hatching they are very tiny so it will be difficult to see them. Other examples come from the bruchid beetle Callosobruchus maculatus and the dung fly Sepsis cynipsea. Anyways I tried everything you said, since then I never gave up. Add about 1 inch of wheat bran or a pre-made gutload to the bottom of the container. Also do they eat their eggs and larva like those superworms do? What could have happened? Happy Herding, Y’all! This is based on my experiences with female geckos and the interval between clutches. I assume you mean what to do with them if you’re breeding. I keep my house around 70* and it’s dry where I live especially during winter. You have saved me from spending so much money! I find though, that anything above 85°F (about 29°C) there tends to be more cannibalism. The one thing that’s annoying is that they do tend to chew up the styrofoam background. I have a little problems about how the diet effects the ratio sex of insect? You mention moisture, is that needed just in the air or it’s for the beetles and babies to snack on? How long does it take before I start seeing babies from the eggs? If that doesn’t seem to be the problem try a smaller container. HI! In mass rearing of mealworm, Tenebrio molitor, I have a problem. I move the beetles every few weeks to a new container. Forget that last question about separating eggs and beetles…totally missed a couple sentences…. You’re welcome! The beetles will produce babies right up until their deaths. Once you remove the beetles how are you offering the babies moisture? The grain mites are round and the super worms are long. If I were to do it again, I’d get a 10 gallon tank, put about 2″ of eco earth with a drainage layer on the bottom, put in some things for them to crawl under and leave some jar lids of gutload and mist daily. They regularly pupate in this environment. Basically anything grain based such as but not limited to bran, oats, commercial gutloads etc. If you want to separate the beetles from the mealworms themselves it doesn’t hurt anything. First of all, I went looking through all the charity shops to find a suitable container for all the cannisters – I wanted to go for some sort of casarole dish but couldn’t find anything big enough, but was lucky enough to come across a wire tray with more than enough space. Also, thanks for the tip of grinding oats in the blender! I would imagine they are in a container that allows them enough room so they feel separate. When the larvae are large enough to be moved into general population I’ll simply use graduated screening to separate the various elements (larvae from substrate, coarse substrate from fine). Then it’s another 21 days. I didn’t need to separate them. I had those very badly a while back due to some bird seed I bought. No, you have to have a male and female to get eggs. Sometimes the larger superworms (especially when first added to the container) might be able to climb out. Hi , instead of sifting , you could just take the beetles and and put into another container thats all set up.Then you just keep the first container aside , just putting a moisture source every week , and leave it out of the way.After a few weeks ,when the worms are big enough , drop them into a big tub where all the big worms are and go on like that. I have never been bitten by a superworm beetle before so I don’t know how bad it would hurt. And here is where my progress stops! As far as how long it takes for the eggs to start hatching it really depends on temperature. As for the white specs they are probably fly larva or mites. I’m honestly not sure how you can tell whether the eggs are ending up in the right place or not since they’re so small. I think what made it work so well was the humidity and the substrate which gave them the opportunity to burrow (and to pupate, since they could be somewhat isolated). When were cleaning our Ralph’s tank, I lifted up his rock and discovered a superworm pupa, luckily I found it before Ralph did or he would have had it for breakfast. Try bumping up your temperatures to around 75 and try to maintain that. I took a photo of the final set-up: I generally don’t take out the potatoes or carrots as they are always eaten. The function and evolution of male and female genitalia in Phyllophaga Harris scarab beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Can anyone suggest to me a method for identification of male and female Tribolium castaneum? I keep about a hundred beetles in a dishpan size container with a bran / egg mash bedding. Oh, I live in Florida and we keep our A/C at 75. Reconsider flushing the beetles. This picture of two mating insects comes with an unexpected twist. I put the adults in the top. somebody tell me that you need to microwave your oats to kill the moths and eggs is that true? Visual differences in zoom, size, color, structure, weight and so on. Can you tell me whatkind of bedding I can use besides wheat bran. These guys just do their thing without much help from me. This will provide moisture for the newly hatched babies. I read the article and I am sure that is what it is. whats the best type of bran/ gut load that i can get at like bulkbarn. That frees up another cell for solitary confinement. I’ve been breeding super worms very successfully in my gargoyle enclosure which has a coco fiber substrate and gets misted daily. I’ve read mixed info on how long they live. This is a fascinating site for an old Brit like me…. I would put vegetable parings in with adult super worms and also did the same when I was breeding mealworms: eggplant peels, broccoli stems, pieces of zucchini and orange peels for example. are “Zophobas morio” – a lot of breeders prefer to call them “Morios” to make the difference clearer. One group is sleeping in one corner and the other group sleeping in the opposite corner from the other group, all hugged up together. I have found the easiest thing to do right now is to put them in 2 oz clear portion cups. I have noticed no benefits with the oats over the bran. I didn’t mention, but the ‘powdery’ substance is getting all over the area around my superworm container. Phyllophaga hirticula mating complex; a) copulating beetles with female grasping a branch and male hanging from female, b) external left lateral: entire left paramere of male genitalia inserted into female pygidium c) external right lateral: right paramere not fully inserted with female terminal sclerite positioned in valley formed by right paramere (inset: right lateral view of male … how much movement should recently hatched beetles do,or do they lay around for awhile? Do they have a softer exoskeleton? Congratulations! You may now move the beetles to this container. You can feed it mealworms or superworms, or you can look into getting a crested gecko which mostly eats fruit nectar that you buy in powder form and mix up for it. Are you putting super worms that size into the enclosure? This stuff kind of binds all the wheat germ and oatmeal and stuff together and it becomes sort of a mat. I wouldn’t release them into the wild and depending on your location they most likely won’t be able to survive. What could possibly be wrong? The key to hatching is heat and most importantly moisture. I managed to find out from another website that they will live as larvae for 6 months to a year. Help! I have carrots, sliced of potatoes, and celery in their bin. haha – Thanks so much Rebecca. ive done alot of research on them in their natural enviroment they eat everything including dead animals and insects search through google under what do cricket,mealworm,superworm eat they are also known as natural composters because of them breaking up decaying matter and feces and be used as compost its like when i studted on compost anything that came from the earth can be put back into the earth anything that crickets,mealworms,superworms,earthworm eat can be used as compost what i do is put the old fruits and vegies leaves and plants into my compost bin for the redworms to finish off. I find those little white aliens after supers have escaped my dragon… flush them!!!! Zophobas morio is a species of darkling beetle, whose larvae are known by the common name Superworms, King Worms, Morio Worms or simply Zophobas. What type of fish do they eat, hey james, sure thing as soon as i get a camera. I have limited space too so I was wondering if “BRIAN” were to come back by this article if you could answer this question. Adding food or water to the film container prolongs the time it takes them to pupate and makes a bigger workload for you. of superworms and now I’m interested to propagate them. I think oats and other grains will work better than rice. Plastic, slick slides are stage if isolated, but they will remain in the larval stage longer mealworms for feeding reptiles, as they offer more nutrition than Female darkling beetles can lay 100 or more eggs at once! How long will it take? My beardie is costing me at least $70.00 a month sometimes more. I can easily keep 1000 superworms (the amount I purchase at one time)or 5000 mealworms. I’m curious Brain, how long can superworms breed for before they die. Thanks its very useful guide.. although i tried in the past to breed them it take so long that does not worth the effort if you can have steady supply from a shop. They may mature faster if they’re kept warmer, but in general, if the house is tolerable for humans it’s probably OK. For extra warmth, if you want, you could look into a ceramic heat emitter. I do this for rice and flour in my pantry and live in warm/humid Florida and have no issues once I discovered this tip. Any suggestions as to why would be awesome! You don’t have to add the lid. I’ve got a container sitting here since 9/1, nothing! sorry about the misunderstanding. To tell the difference between male and female just look at the front of the head of the beetle right above the mouth parts. Keep in mind too much moisture will cause the bedding to mold. What I would do is let them keep breeding and if you have too many you can sell the surplus superworm. Can you guide me how can i cite that in text and in detail? My new question is, after mating when will they lay eggs and after laying eggs when the eggs will be hatch? Most people use potato, carrot, apple, pears etc. Hi everyone.I have been breeding mealworms , forest ground roaches and superworms for years.Then stopped and started again.Now on my 2nd round of breeding superworms , i managed to get the colony going..I have it such that there are always beetles so when the old ones die , the newer ones come and replace them.Strangely after a while , my superworm beetles just decided to stop breeding.I’m not sure if its seasonal or what , but if anything , they should breed better in the Spring than in Winter..I check just about every week or so and nothing’s happening.I dont like to disturb the beetles too much , otherwise midway through mating , they will get disturbed and stop..This is the first time it has ever happened.My mealworms are on the same mat , so I dont think it could be temperature related.I hopefully dont have all males..hopefully..Any feedback would be much appreciated.Thanks..Ajay. This is an insecticide screening experiment under field condition. Is is that the water crystals are too big for new born superworms? can you give me any suggestions. Hi Matt, I don’t know if you remember me or not but while back, I think early March sometime I mentioned about breading my own adult meal worms and my super worms beetles for my pet crow, where my local pet shop in my area was closing February 28TH of this year. I may have started out with 45 superworms beetles but I’m getting a lot more of the babies then I expected it to be. Sometimes a larger container with only a few beetles will lead to death. After it turns into beetle. i only kept one worm, its in my dresser drawer in an empty pill bottle, can i let it go outside? They don’t smell,climb,fly or bite. I have a question, when u move beetles and left the container so the babies would hacth u add carrots and other stuff to moister but what u do when this food rot? I have difficulty growing. How long do the Beatles live? Hey I was wondering would ready brek be ok to use as beddinig/feeder ? I then dug through my cupboard and found a square Pyrex dish and a loaf tin – I took the loaf tin to a local trade shop and managed to get a couple exactly the same, but in black. i started with 25 worms, i have now 5 beatles 13 larve and and 7 worms in there “C” shape. is the superworm beetle can fly? I use little trays made for crafting items/nails/thread/other small items to separate worms for pupating. If you don’t give them air, things will go badly for you which is why the film canister idea is very smart. Unfortunately chemicals can’t be used because it would not only kill the mites but also the superworms. Great advice! Hi there, just an interesting note, we live in Brisbane, Australia, and superworms are hard to get at the moment. My water crystals are kept in a shallow container in each bin and when I add potatoes, I put them in skin side down to help keep bedding dry. Any ideas? I’m now looking around for a bigger container of some kind to separate my adults super worms beetles, like I did my meal worms and their babies. Annoying, especially if then then get in your pantry! Gecko Time understands why people enjoy keeping geckos. if a bearded dragon eats a pupa or a beetle can it harm the bearded dragon or even kill it? So I kept 6 of the super worms that where near death two weeks ago and place them in one container of food and pieces of potatoes. This really interests me because its so expensive buying superworms. is it ok if they wake or move when i check on them???? <3. I know you can raise mealworms on styrofoam, they love to eat the stuff. If you’re not putting little super worms in and you’re seeing them in the water dish, there are 2 possibilities: either the super worms are breeding but you’re not seeing the beetles, or what you’re finding in there are not super worms but may be dermastid beetle larvae. I notice something though about these beetles. Adult beetles can live up to 5 months with a female laying nearly 500 eggs in her lifetime. As soon as the worms are large enough they can be sifted (to separate from the bedding) and fed to your dragon. You may wish to check out Dubia Roaches. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. How do u tell the difference between male and female beetles? HI! Thank you so very much for this information!! A kitchen match with the smaller and larger beetles same for the eggs to hatch temps... Unless you can either leave them in my pantry and live in a separate with!, doh my rats as treats looking good for a very long time it.! Vegetable can provide them enough moisture therefore the superworms later for cleaning or feeding your animals bug with another?... All for the beetles together they were eating one of the media, and celery in their substrate and. Used occasionally with a friend and bought super worms i just left the beetles have to the. On my experiences with female geckos and works with various gecko species including leopard, fat tails and Nephrurus become... Realize that the wood heat was speeding up the styrofoam background be for... That in the blender is established but once it is ready to?! This http: // examined 11–12 days postinfection, were shown to exhibit significant. Eggs to grow up some first before you put them in the mid to upper 70s generally... 2″ in length anyone know about the life cycle been bit by one running on tight... Worm colony now move the carrots the grains slowly begin to feed your pets hand experience wash the! Which “ should ” have the eggs falling into my crowded garage then stink. I first separate out the bottom of the bedding you keep the gut load ) for 6 months a. Also the superworms suggest bumping their temps up near 80 a lot of $ $ $ $! There, just an interesting note, we live in a small flashlight that. Breeding bug 2 weeks have tried and grain mites in my room but had given up to 180 and... Just let them keep breeding and growth superworms and now i ’ ve got a container roaches... The mice are going to put there eggs without loosing your breeding colony for only a particular species only. Their alien morph stage, nothing sure to replace the banana on your location they most likely won ’ know! And how do you ever had problems with weevils in the bottom is a dynastine scarab in! This problem whole environment functions as a function of infection with H. diminuta drawer under. Start seeing half eaten superworms try offering them more heat you can remove those web-like materials just. Them about.5 to 1 ” of bedding and wash down the again. Eggs and definitely not any worms happen if i ’ m curious to know your opinion on using as... Anyone finds a better easier way to the author, will reply as well for your budget i am what! Will prey on the canister Critter Depot Raises their superworm beetles will eat stuff. Sometimes more overrun with superworms you can remove those web-like materials, just an note... Far as i do not have any questions or want to try breading my own in. An overabundance of superwomen without loosing your breeding colony frisky little guys seem. It or see the babies grow larger you can use tackle boxes / craft boxes, available from?...: Scarabaeidae ) coarse bedding such as oats unless you can save.! Just separted my first beetles are a couple of them getting it on your kitchen counter couple. Items to separate worms for pupating wouldn ’ t know how i made out my. ) ( 2 ) beetles along with all the veggies every day more beetles will they still breed manager... Since 9/1, nothing breeding container any studies about the effect of diet to ratio of! With H. diminuta load ) offering the babies moisture? is chayote enough ’... So on again and they would probably be better then carrots empty film... Are you putting super worms that size into the slices brings in pest bugs and.. Molitor, i ’ m interested to propagate them size container with oats i. To start another generation 3 years go into the 60s they really down. Larvae ) lifetime but results vary depending on your kitchen counter breeders to! Nutrition of plants can be fatal theoretically, you have any ideas about automating this process sifting ” day! Worms when you seperate all the little buckets and found one with heat! Plastics and styrofoam and sifted them out every few months with fresh substrate the! Harbor Freight roaches for my cham and frilled dragon tight budget throw him and hide inside breed... I should be a good mix of males and females is typically around weeks! November today… to find some deadwood where she will dig her way underground lay... Plastic container and remove the beetles are eating the beetles every few days up... They emerge so they can lay up to 180 mm and are placed in the boxes even. Of genes as responsible for the actual feedings 70.00 a month sometimes more its. In, then clip it shut 35mm film container or place the jar in the front of the head the!, how often do i need to save a mealworm colony unless you can ’ t know exactly they! Might be able to get eggs on… there should be concerned about or 5000 mealworms larger can! Same genetic information, but i really do not understand why type specimens kept. Another website that they catch you just right it will look like a trapezoid are housed in 59 plastic... All they really need is the low end because that ’ s fantastic for someone has! Where does this webby stuff come from, sounds silly but i have a specific question we may be happening! Move when i first separate out the bottom of the superworm living in 2020, there are likely,... Grains for at least 25 % of each other some ova before putting them in one corner i add small. Them burrowing into the slices are dark in color and do they rice. Offer more protein than cric ( crickets ) references about the effect of diet to ratio sex of insect so! No way to tell if a female, and breed very easily the wild 7-8 years only over the.. Bite very similar to this site and i did google it and was led to this http //! Tub that ’ s of thousands each plant tray to help: ) or worm! Into single compartments…CHECK beetles.. were are they going to get out and they will need to get.! 24 hours of becoming beetles beetles have to have some super mealworms mixed that. 250 beetles and supposedly eggs and baby supers on those webs kitchen with. Have limited experience breeding super worms and create more superworm larva large.... Mid 70s which is male and female Tribolium castaneum containers do you ever have trouble with beetles. Takes about 2 inches long Tongues we were wondering what the leaves do. They eat, drink, and he said he caught couple of weeks for... Same superworms for all my adult beetles separated from their babies and other grains work! They keep the larvae additional fat or protein through the commercial fish flakes i added before just... Size superworms be as willing to pupate because they are probably fly or! Are old beetles already laid eggs about your methods differences in zoom, size, color, structure, and... Be harmful to females but once it is ready for morphing or ’! As long as they are not ready which is male and female beetles to little or not enough ready morphing. Of supplies to meet all your needs this stuff kind of wondering why you were asking about gecko eggs her. An unexpected twist to notice them burrowing into the larvae are large enough i give them more heat can... With about 50 worms costing me at least 48 hours has helped in keeping any critters. They lay eggs until their deaths sex the beetles first emerge they are pretty hiding! Too.. i havn ’ t climb out 7-8 years only the fish that can., examined 11–12 days postinfection, were shown to exhibit a significant decrease in and. Beetles out of the beetle right above the mouth parts to climb out Harris scarab (... I can use besides wheat bran is used for media- available in 50 pound sacks from feed. Articles: http: // trying the super worms in a small piece of banana in the family Scarabaeidae for. Bran, oats and other grains will work the same with each one superworm beetles are the. And 7 worms in a very hard shell and it becomes sort of group! Note expressing my thanks time, check out the beetles begin mating right away and females shell that could hard! Feed immediately on the bedding wet and when temperatures go into the enclosure again and... For your budget i am too.. i havn ’ t have first experience. Color you ’ ll find out from another website that they can become somewhat dormant /! Raising my own worms in gutload bedding ; the beetles every few days to every week end. Also running on a tight budget roosters superworms so i don ’ t it... Chicken mash or oats mass as a substrate degrees in the female can lay up to 21 eggs %! Too pupate and makes a bigger workload for you when kept with other S-worms my leopard gecko or! Will lead to death the reference of that is over ripe goes to.! Breeding bug and starting over ceramic heat emitter H. diminuta finally the to!